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Did You Know Ductless Systems Are for Heating AND Cooling?

September 18th, 2017

ductless-mini-split-on-wallAutumn is the ideal time of the year to make major upgrades or full replacements to your home’s heating and cooling system. The heating system will especially be on your mind, since when fall arrives you know that another icy Minnesota winter is right around the corner. We can’t make it through the winter season without effective heating systems, and you’ll want to make sure the one that warms your family is ready to go. If your current heater is still functioning well and isn’t too old (less than 15 years), the important step to take is to arrange for regular maintenance for the unit. Sign up for our Freedom Club to receive a great deal on year-round HVAC maintenance, starting with your heater.

But, if you are thinking of making a big change to your HVAC system, one that not only improves your heating and cooling, we suggest that you think about a ductless mini split in St. Paul, MN.

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Don’t Wait on AC Repairs at the End of Summer!

September 4th, 2017

air-conditioner-units-near-grassIt won’t be long before we can expect the lovely cooler weather of a Minnesota fall to start. Our air conditioning systems will run less and less until they shut down for a long hiatus during the winter. You’ve probably already started to give your air conditioner longer breaks, which helps to keep down costs.

But there’s one “break” you shouldn’t give your AC during the tail end of summer: a break from repairs. It is tempting to ignore signs of an air conditioner that’s malfunctioning at this time of year. After all, you won’t need it much, and soon won’t need it all until the spring arrives. Is it worth it to schedule air conditioning repairs in St. Paul, MN so late in the cooling season?

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Are There Any AC Repairs I Can Do on My Own?

August 21st, 2017

hand-holding-wrenchWe understand that homeowners want to save money where they can, which is why they make efforts to find “do-it-yourself” techniques (many available online with only a quick search) for various household projects.

But not all projects are equal, and there are some parts of your house that you can’t fix yourself and hope for a positive result. The air conditioner is a good example. There are a few things you can do to help an ailing air conditioner, and some fixes that are basically correcting minor mistakes. But actually repairing an air conditioning system isn’t possible unless you have professional training. An air conditioner is a complex piece of refrigeration equipment, similar in many ways to your refrigerator. Only licensed professionals can hope to accurately and quickly repair an AC so it keeps working.

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It’s Late Summer: Watch for These Air Conditioner Problems!

August 7th, 2017

tools-on-ac-unitIt’s already August, but that doesn’t mean we can expect any reprieve from the heat soon. This is a point of the year where a household air conditioning system faces a dilemma: it has plenty of hard work still ahead of it, but has already built up a tremendous amount of wear and tear from two or more months of steady operation. This is the time when a homeowner has to be the most vigilant about potential air conditioning problems. If all that stress leads to a loss of cooling or a complete AC system breakdown, it means getting stranded during one of the hottest parts of the year waiting for help to arrive.

Fortunately, you have our experts to help you with air conditioning repair in Edina, MN or elsewhere in and around the Twin Cities. But we’re also in the prevention business as much as the repair business. We want to help you know what types of problems you might encounter with your air conditioner at this time of year. This will assist you with knowing when to call for preventive air conditioning repairs—which are the best kind of repairs!

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My Heat Pump Isn’t Sending Out Cool Air!

July 24th, 2017

thermometer-going-redHeat pumps for year-round home comfort are a good idea for most homes. Even with the deep freeze winters here in Minnesota, homes can still enjoy effective heating from a heat pump that’s also a dual fuel system using a back-up furnace in case the heat pump loses efficiency.

But you probably don’t want to hear about heating power right now. There’s enough heat outside as it is! Your current concern is the other half of your heat pump system’s operation, its cooling power. A correctly sized and installed heat pump is as powerful as a similar sized air conditioner. You can expect to skate through the hot days of summer with no problem.

But no mechanical system can work perfectly at all times. If you notice when you turn on your heat pump for cooling that it either sends out room temperature air or even heated air, something is wrong. It might be simple, or it may require calling for professional heat pump repair service. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons your heat pump may not be cooling your home:

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Why You Must Hire Professionals for AC Installation and Replacement

July 10th, 2017

technicians-evaluate-air-conditioning-systemIf possible, plan to have an aging air conditioning system replaced before the summer heat arrives. Spring is a good time to arrange for the work with our installation specialists. However, we understand that air conditioners can appear to be in good shape before the summer starts, only to abruptly crash when the heat becomes intense, requiring an emergency new system installation.

And we also understand why homeowners might want to attempt to do the installation on their own, or look to an amateur who makes big promises about saving money. But air conditioning installation and replacement must be left to professionals. Here are some reasons why:

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Are Heat and Energy Recovery Ventilators Useful in Summer?

June 26th, 2017

vent-register-on-wallDuring winters in the Twin Cities, homes face a major problem with indoor air quality: they can’t enjoy fresh air because that would mean opening up doors and windows onto outside temperatures that are sometimes –10°F and rarely higher than freezing. Sure, you could turn the heating system up as high as it will go to try to counter the cold weather, but not only will that not work well (it’s hard to stop a blast of freezing cold wind!) , it’s a tremendous waste of energy.

This is where heat and energy recovery ventilators are so useful. HRV and ERV systems allow fresh air to enter a home, but pre-heat the fresh air before it reaches the living spaces. Instead of generating heat to apply to the air, HRVs and ERVs use the heat already in the house to raise the temperature of the incoming air. This is the “recovery” part: these devices recover the energy already used to heat the inside of a home and use it to warm the incoming fresh air. Thanks to an HRV or ERV, a Minnesota home can have fresh air moving through the rooms, replacing the stale air, without putting stress on the heater or creating cold drafts.

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Should There Be Ice on My AC’s Evaporator Coil?

June 12th, 2017

question-mark-badgeLiving in Minnesota means getting used to ice. We deal with it a lot during a significant stretch of the year. We get so accustomed to seeing it, that when it appears on an air conditioner during the summer, we might assume it’s normal.

For people who aren’t HVAC professionals and don’t know the details about how an air conditioner works, it makes some sense for ice to appear on an AC’s evaporator coil. During the summer, the air conditioner sends out chilled air; why wouldn’t there be ice associated with that?

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Debunking 3 of the Biggest Air Conditioning Myths

May 29th, 2017

two-air-conditioning-systemsWe have years of experience working with air conditioners during the spring and summer in Minneapolis-St. Paul. During those years, we’ve run into many misunderstandings people have about air conditioners, how they run, and how to best take care of them. These various air conditioning myths have been around as long as residential air conditioners have been common. But unfortunately they can spread faster because of the Internet, and they’re harder to stamp out with truth from knowledgeable professionals.

But we’re going to try to stamp out a few myths as best we can. At least we can offer our customers a debunking of the three myths that can be most destructive to an air conditioner. Whenever you need professional assistance with your air conditioning system, contact us and we’ll take care of everything.

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High Humidity and What It Does to an Air Conditioner

May 15th, 2017

water-dropletsOur last two blogs dealt with topics about rough summer conditions: humidity in your home and how heat affects your air conditioning system. Today we’re going to combine these two and examine how humidity specifically affects an air conditioning system. With the high humidity we experience here in the Twin Cities (we can thank all the lakes for that), air conditioners face some unusual problems. Let’s examine some of the more common ways high moisture levels in the air can make it necessary for you to call for air conditioning services in Plymouth, MN.

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