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Packaged HVAC Units & Service in Minneapolis, MN

Most residential air conditioning or heat pump systems in the country are split systems that consist of an indoor unit hooked up to an outdoor cabinet. Commercial heating and air conditioning systems, however, are usually packaged HVAC units, which have all their components inside a single cabinet that is housed outside, most often up on the roof. But these packaged air conditioning and heat pump systems are no longer limited to the business world: they can also serve the needs of homes, and in some cases may make a better choice than a conventional split system.

You won’t find residential packaged HVAC services at every contractor. But Freedom Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. offer full service to install, replace, repair, and maintain both packaged air conditioners and packaged heat pumps. If you’re curious about using a packaged unit for your household comfort, or if you have a system that needs attention from professionals, you can rely on us. Call to schedule service on packaged HVAC units in Minneapolis, MN and the surrounding area.

How Packaged Units Are Different from Split Systems

A split system, which is the average for most homes, has an indoor unit with a refrigerant coil that absorbs heat (or in the case of a heat pump, releases it in heating mode) and a blower fan to send the conditioned air into the ventilation system. The indoor unit connects through power and refrigerant lines to the outdoor cabinet, which houses the compressor, a refrigerant coil for heat release/absorption, and a fan.

A packaged system places all of these parts in a single outside cabinet. The indoor ventilation system connects to the cabinet through outdoor ducts. Air leaves the house through a return vent to the packaged unit, where it goes through the two sets of coils to condition it, and then a blower fan sends it back into the house through a supply duct and into the ventilation system.

Is a Packaged Air Conditioner or Heat Pump Right for Your Home?

A packaged unit is best suited for smaller homes that don’t have enough space indoors to house an air conditioning system/heat pump powerful enough for comfort. There are some other benefits of packaged units to consider, such as the ease of maintenance and repairs and their quieter operation.

But you shouldn’t make the choice about installing one type of AC or heat pump or over another without the input and assistance of professionals. Get in touch with HVAC installers with experience in your area finding the best comfort solutions for homes. They’ll guide you to the system choice that will leave you completely satisfied.

Contact Us for Packaged Heat Pump and AC Services in Minneapolis

One way in which packaged HVAC units are identical to split systems is that they also need routine maintenance and the occasional repair—and you can always turn to Freedom Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. to have these jobs taken care of. Membership in our Freedom Club ensures that you’ll have the regular yearly service to keep your packaged system in peak condition, and you can reach us any time of the day or night for emergency repairs.

No matter how you cool or heat your house, with a split air conditioner or a packaged heat pump, you can put your trust in us to always get the job done that you need for ideal comfort and energy savings. Call us today to schedule service in Minneapolis, MN and the surrounding area.