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We’re now in the middle of making preparations for another cold winter season in Minneapolis-St. Paul. A major part of those preparations is scheduling maintenance for heating systems. But your house may need some additional assistance to make handling the winter easier, both in terms of comfort and energy savings. One of the best ways to improve your house for the winter is to have one of our HVAC professionals install a whole-house humidifier.

What Good Is a Whole-House Humidifier?

During spring and summer, high humidity is a major issue in Minnesota (thanks to all the lakes). High humidity makes warm weather less comfortable because the moisture in the air traps heat inside people’s bodies. However, during winter, the opposite condition occurs: the intense cold freezes most of the moisture out of the air, resulting in low humidity. The lack of moisture in the air allows heat to easily escape the body, making the low temperatures feel even colder. Proper humidity balance inside a home during winter using a whole-house humidifier means better comfort.

The difference in how warm your home feels thanks to a whole-house humidifier can be 8°–10°F. This lets you lower the temperature on your furnace or other heating system, and you can end up saving a chunk on your energy bills over the winter, often as much as 25%.

There are other benefits as well to humidifying your home during winter. You’ll avoid problems with dried sinuses that permit illnesses to spread rapidly, as well as the cracked skin and chapped lips that come with excessive dry air. You can also eliminate all that annoying static electricity that makes touching doorknobs risky and causes laundry to stick together.

Although you can purchase single-room humidifiers, these portable devices don’t provide the control and scope of a whole-house humidifier. Let our professionals take care of the installation, and you can enjoy many years of balanced indoor humidity in winter.

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