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The HVAC system responsible for comfort in your home around the year is made up of many different components, such as the thermostat, the compressor, the combustion chamber, and so on. One of the key parts of a central air conditioner or forced-air heater is a part called the air handler. Like the other parts in the HVAC system, and air handler must work in conjunction with the other parts so you can enjoy the comfort and energy efficiency in your home you deserve.


Freedom Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. provides service to install and take care of air handlers. We not only work with standard air handling units, but also with terminal units used in many ductless systems, as well as makeup air units for homes that benefit from bringing in outdoor air. Contact us to find out more about the air handler services that we offer in Minneapolis, MN and the surrounding areas.


What Is the Air Handler?

The air handler is an essential part of any forced–air system, which includes gas furnaces, electric furnaces, air conditioners, and heat pumps. It takes on the job of regulating and circulating the air of an HVAC system that goes through the ventilation network. A standard air handler consists of a fan (or blower), refrigerant coil/heating elements, and dampers. In some situations, a building may need air drawn from the outside—rather than air recirculation—and the air handlers that take care of this job are known as makeup air units. In ductless system, the smaller air handlers found in the systems are referred to as terminal units.


If you don’t have a working air handler for your HVAC system, you won’t have a working system. The AC or furnace will condition air, but that air won’t end up going anywhere. At times, the air handler that serves you house may need to have repairs—or even a full replacement.


Repairs and Replacements for Your Air Handling Unit

If you notice that you’re not receiving sufficient airflow from the vents in your house—or any airflow from them at all—it’s possible that the issue is a broken air handler. The blower motor may have burnt out and will need to be swapped for a new one. An older air handler might need a full replacement. Watch for early warning signs of a faulty air handler, such as rattling or clanging noises that can indicate the air handler is loose or the blower fan has sustained damage. A terminal unit in a ductless system can sometimes fail for a variety of reasons, so when you discover that one of the blowers is not operating as it should, call on technicians to fix it or replace it.


Air Handler Maintenance Services in Minneapolis

Unless you have a boiler system and no air conditioner in your house, you will need to rely on an air handler for comfort during at least part of the year. A good air handler is essential for the circulation of air through your home, and our technicians are experienced and skilled with installing, replacing, repairing, and maintaining air handlers. We also work with terminal air units and makeup air units.


Our goal at Freedom Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. on every job is to create the most rewarding customer service anyone could expect to have. We bring together the best technicians and the best equipment to help us reach this goal. For air handler service of any other heating, cooling, or ventilation need, make us your top choice in Minneapolis, MN and the surrounding areas.

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