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Central air conditioning is one of the greatest inventions for homes since—well, indoor plumbing. Before central AC systems became commonplace in residential buildings, people had to rely on small window units for cooling, which have limited power and low energy efficiency. Small apartments may still benefit from using window ACs, but a home needs to have the convenience of a central air conditioner to make the hot and stifling Minnesota summers easier to manage.

Handling the various jobs necessary to install, replace, repair, and maintain central air units takes technicians with professional skills. Freedom Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. brings together experienced and highly-trained HVAC experts with the finest equipment. This is part of our dedication to seeing that you have a great customer service experience whenever you call us. Let us see that you have the best possible central AC system working for you in Minneapolis, MN or the surrounding areas.

How a Split Air Conditioner Works to Keep You Cool

Most central air units are split air conditioning systems. What this means is the system is split into two separate units, one inside the house and one outside it.

The outdoor unit is the condenser. It contains the compressor that places refrigerant under pressure to change it into a hot, high–pressure gas. This gas moves to the condenser coil of the unit, where a fan helps it release heat to the outside of the house. The now–cooled refrigerant moves to the indoor unit, losing pressure as it passes through an expansion valve and becoming even cooler.

In the indoor unit, the cold refrigerant moves through the evaporator coil, where it absorbs heat from the surrounding air. A blower fans sends this cooled air into the ventilation system connected to the unit, delivering refreshing temperatures throughout the house.

You Must Have Professionals Install Your Central Air Unit

You and friends can push a window unit into place a plug it in. But there’s nothing so simple about setting up central AC to serve a whole house. You must have trained technicians to take on this job to see that the unit is correctly attached to your ventilation and electrical system so that it will work right.

You’ll need those professionals from the start, since only they can determine how powerful a system your home needs for comfort and to prevent energy waste. When you trust to HVAC technicians who are familiar with many makes and models of central ACs, you’ll end up with the comfort you and your family deserve.

We Offer Central AC Repair & Maintenance Services in Minneapolis

If you already have a split air conditioner keeping your home cooled down during the spring and summer, you’ll still need professionals to help you care for it. Freedom Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. offers membership in our Freedom Club to make it easier to maintain your AC during the year. We’ll come to your home in spring and see that the cooling system is inspected and tune–up for maximum performance. (Membership includes maintenance for your heater in the fall as well.)

You won’t have to worry about malfunctions with your air conditioner, either: our technicians are available 24/7 to help with repairs. Make the right choice for your home comfort in the Minneapolis, MN area and make us your HVAC contractor of choice!

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