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We understand that homeowners want to save money where they can, which is why they make efforts to find “do-it-yourself” techniques (many available online with only a quick search) for various household projects.

But not all projects are equal, and there are some parts of your house that you can’t fix yourself and hope for a positive result. The air conditioner is a good example. There are a few things you can do to help an ailing air conditioner, and some fixes that are basically correcting minor mistakes. But actually repairing an air conditioning system isn’t possible unless you have professional training. An air conditioner is a complex piece of refrigeration equipment, similar in many ways to your refrigerator. Only licensed professionals can hope to accurately and quickly repair an AC so it keeps working.

There are a few basic issues you might be able to resolve…

Let’s look at some standard troubleshooting. These aren’t exactly “repairs”; more like checks to ensure that some simple error hasn’t occurred. When you have an air conditioner that’s giving you trouble, doing a few basic inspections to see if there are straightforward solutions is a good idea. Once you’ve exhausted these possibilities, it’s time to call for HVAC specialists in Minneapolis, MN.

  • Resetting a tripped circuit breaker: If the air conditioning system’s blower fan shuts down and the AC won’t respond at all, go to the electrical panel for your house and check on the circuit for the HVAC system. Extra strain on the blower fan motor can lead to a tripped breaker. Reset the breaker if it’s tripped. If the air conditioner turns back on, you may have located the trouble. However, if it continues to trip the breaker, the system (or the panel) needs professional repairs.
  • Change the air filter: Low airflow, frozen evaporator coils, and high electrical bills may be the fault of a clogged air filter. Check on the current filter, and change it for a fresh one if it’s thickly congested with lint, dust, dander, and debris. We’ve written instructions on how to change the filter if you need help.
  • Work with the thermostat: Sometimes problems are as basic as “did you remember to turn on [blank]?” We’ve all had those head-slapping moments before; it’s nothing to feel ashamed about. See if the thermostat is set correctly. A programming error of somebody fiddling with the settings can cause an AC to behave weirdly. If you find the thermostat isn’t causing any response from the air conditioner or blower, then it’s time to contact HVAC experts.
  • Unblock vents: If the problem you’re encountering is hot spots in rooms or low airflow, take a tour of your home and look at all the vent openings in the rooms. Look out especially for floor vents, which can easily become covered by accident with a piece of moving furniture. Make sure all vents are open and clear to help with airflow and proper cooling distribution.
  • Clear the outside cabinet: Poor AC performance may be due to interference with the outside condenser. See that shrubs and bushes are trimmed away and give the cabinet a cleaning with a hose so that it can properly release heat to the outdoors.

When in doubt, give us a shout! Our expert HVAC technicians can handle any repairs your home’s cooling system may require.

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