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At the start of September, we wrote a post discussing making arrangements for heating maintenance during the coming fall. Fall has arrived, and if you haven’t yet called our professionals and signed up for your heating maintenance visit, now is the time to do it! Our weather is already cooling, with daytime temperatures dropping into the 60s. If you’ve lived in Minnesota for at least a year, you already understand what sort of cold weather we’re due for in only a few short months.

A Minneapolis-St. Paul Weather Reminder

Based on current predictions for the coming season from meteorologists, the temperatures by the end of October will be dropping down into the 40s in the day and the 20s at night, and your home’s heating systems will already be putting in regular work. After Thanksgiving, the averages will drop into the mid-30s, with lows in the high teens. December brings drops into the 20s with lows crawling toward 0°F. Your heating system will run almost all the time that you are home.

How Maintenance Protects Your Heater from Breakdowns

We’ve talked about the ways that regular maintenance saves money by ensuring that a heater works at its most energy efficient. But in a place like Minneapolis-St. Paul, where extreme cold is just another Tuesday morning in January, the biggest benefit of maintenance is that it will keep your heater working when you need it! The chance of a furnace, heat pump, or boiler suffering from a malfunction or breaking down completely is much higher without maintenance. In fact, around 85% of the malfunctions a heater can suffer from during its lifetime are avoidable thanks to maintenance. You don’t want to go into the winter with a more than 50% chance the something might cut off your indoor warmth!

The Freedom Club Is Here to Defend Your Heating and Your Investment!

At Freedom Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc., we offer more than a trip to your house once a year to go through these steps. What we provide is a complete maintenance program, the Freedom Club, that enrolls you in routine maintenance for your heating system and your air conditioning system. When you join the Freedom Club, you won’t have to worry about remembering to schedule maintenance, since we’ll contact you with reminders. The club also brings benefits that go beyond what you already receive from maintenance:

  • Priority Status: You can jump to the head of the service queue whenever you have emergency repair needs—helpful in the deeps of a Minneapolis winter!
  • Service Fee Discounts: You pay less for repairs and other additional work.
  • No Overtime Labor Rate
  • Extended Parts and Labor Warranties

Making payments is simple as well: we can set up easy monthly payment options!

Don’t hesitate… winter is approaching fast, and with our help you’ll be able to face it with confidence that your family will be cozy and safe.

Freedom Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. is your choice for superb heating service in Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN.

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