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Does your house use a boiler to provide that vital heat during a Minnesota winter? If so, than you’re probably fond of the clean and cozy way that the boiler uses hot water to radiate warmth all through your home. You certainly don’t want it to start falling down on the job.

Fortunately, boilers encounter operating problems less often than other heating systems because they have fewer moving parts. Still, malfunctions can happen, and in most situations you’ll need to call on boiler repair experts to handle the job.

Here are boiler repairs you may need during winter

  • Unthawing frozen pipes: The boiler is usually located in a place of the house that doesn’t receive direct heating, such as the basement. The boiler tank does give off some of its own heat, but a malfunction can sometimes lead to its pipes freezing. Let professionals repair this.
  • Fixing the expansion tank: To prevent mixing water with air within the boiler tank—which can cause corrosion—the air cushion for the boiler is located in a separate tank on the top of the main tank. If this tank’s membrane or valve breaks, pressure in the boiler will spike.
  • Repairing or replacing the circulator pump: The principle mechanical part of a boiler is the circulator pump. This is the device that pumps the hot water from the top of the boiler and into the pipe network. Should it stop working, the boiler won’t provide hot water.
  • Cleaning failing burners: Most people have a gas-powered boiler in their homes. Like any natural gas system, trouble with the burners, such as dirt and corrosion on them, can cause them to delay firing or not fire at all. Only licensed professionals should ever work on an appliance connected to a gas line, so don’t try to investigate this on your own.

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