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March has a reputation as a month with unusual and difficult to predict weather patterns. The proverbial saying that “March comes in like a lion and leaves like a lamb” means that the month starts in winter and ends in spring, so people should expect bitter cold through much of the month, with warming setting in soon after the official start of the new season (which is March 20 this year).

However, like many old proverbs, the “lion to lamb” saying doesn’t describe the full truth—and anyone whose spent March in Minnesota can tell you this. In fact, the proverb is often reversed, so March enters like a lamb and then leaves like a lion. Now we’re getting closer to what March in Minnesota is actually like: highly unpredictable!

Be Ready with Your Air Conditioning System

There are ways to buffer your home against the unpredictable, however, and the first is to stay aware of your air conditioning system and its looming job. Right now is the ideal time to arrange for your annual air conditioning maintenance in Plymouth, MN. It doesn’t matter if the outdoor temperature is in the 20s, the shift to warm weather can be sudden and soon.

We strongly recommend that you join our Freedom Club, a regular maintenance program that offers fantastic benefits, starting with a thorough inspection and tune-up for your air conditioner. The club provides many other benefits that go beyond tuning up your AC (and in fall your heater), such as discounts on repairs and priority service. That last benefit is especially helpful, since you can leap to the front of the service queue when you have an air conditioning or heating emergency.

Never Ignore Heater Malfunctions and Complications

Even April can hurl freezing temperatures at the Minneapolis-St. Paul area, so we recommend that you pay close attention to how your furnace or other heater is operating in March. Don’t ignore troubles such as…

  • Cold spots around the house
  • Unusual amounts of noise from the heater, or sounds that you aren’t used to hearing
  • Acrid, burning odors from the air vents
  • Utility bills that seem higher than normal
  • Circuit breakers tripping when the heater comes on

These and other odd behavior from a heater can warn of repair needs. If you let these repairs go because you expect warm weather soon, you can end up with a busted heater—or one that needs a replacement earlier than it should. With a gas furnace, there could even be safety concerns. Call our repair technicians so you won’t run these risks.

Air Conditioning Replacement

Speaking of replacement… If your air conditioner is old and close to the point when it ought to be retired, now is the time to move on it. Arranging for an air conditioning replacement during the close of winter means you won’t have to worry about being without your cooling system for a few hours and you’ll be ready in advance with a great new air conditioner. If you feel unsure about whether the AC needs a replacement, we will help out. During maintenance, a technician can give you a run down on the pros and cons of going with a replacement.

Freedom Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. provides quality heating and cooling service for the Minneapolis-St. Paul area.

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