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Autumn is the ideal time of the year to make major upgrades or full replacements to your home’s heating and cooling system. The heating system will especially be on your mind, since when fall arrives you know that another icy Minnesota winter is right around the corner. We can’t make it through the winter season without effective heating systems, and you’ll want to make sure the one that warms your family is ready to go. If your current heater is still functioning well and isn’t too old (less than 15 years), the important step to take is to arrange for regular maintenance for the unit. Sign up for our Freedom Club to receive a great deal on year-round HVAC maintenance, starting with your heater.

But, if you are thinking of making a big change to your HVAC system, one that not only improves your heating and cooling, we suggest that you think about a ductless mini split in St. Paul, MN.

Aren’t These Air Conditioning Systems?

Yes, a ductless system supplies cooled air, and there are a few models that do only that. But the majority of ductless mini splits are heat pumps. If you know something about heat pumps, you’ll recall that they provide a dual function as both cooling and heating systems. An investment in a ductless mini split heat pump this winter means you can revamp your entire HVAC system: not only the heater, but also the air conditioner as well as the ventilation system—because you’ll also be taking ductwork out of the comfort equation.

Times to Consider Installing a Ductless System

Before you get too hooked on the idea of using a ductless mini split heat pump for your year-round comfort needs, we have to caution you that there is no one-size-fits-all HVAC system for a home. Your house or situation may not be ideal for going with ductless right now. Let’s look into some situations where ductless is highly recommended:

  • Both heater and AC are due for replacement: There’s no point in getting any type of heat pump if it won’t take the place of both the previous heater and AC. If you have an air conditioner and furnace that were installed around the same time (which is common) and both are over 15 years old, it’s an ideal time to go with some type of heat pump to replace them, possibly a ductless system.
  • Planning for major remodeling or add on rooms: The lack of ducts in ductless mini splits makes them flexible and terrific for houses are undergoing remodeling. There’s no need to make space for ductwork, and it’s easy to connect any room to the new central AC/heater. If you’re adding on a room, a ductless system spares you the trouble of having to make significant changes to the ventilation system and the existing heater or AC.
  • Bad allergies and asthma: The absence of ductwork that traps dust, dander, pollen, lint and other allergens makes a ductless system an effective way to provide a cleaner environment for people who suffer from allergies and asthma.

There are many other benefits of going with a ductless mini split heat pump. To schedule an appointment to find out if ductless is right for you, contact us today.

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