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It won’t be long before we can expect the lovely cooler weather of a Minnesota fall to start. Our air conditioning systems will run less and less until they shut down for a long hiatus during the winter. You’ve probably already started to give your air conditioner longer breaks, which helps to keep down costs.

But there’s one “break” you shouldn’t give your AC during the tail end of summer: a break from repairs. It is tempting to ignore signs of an air conditioner that’s malfunctioning at this time of year. After all, you won’t need it much, and soon won’t need it all until the spring arrives. Is it worth it to schedule air conditioning repairs in St. Paul, MN so late in the cooling season?

The answer is: yes! It’s never a good idea to leave aside air conditioning repairs for later, no matter the time of year. Even with cooler weather ahead, you could end up with some minor to major problems with your AC if you let it continue to run or close down the season with a malfunction.

Higher breakdown risk

Any time that an air conditioner operates with some malfunction, such as a refrigerant leak or a motor that’s running down because of low lubricant, the system is more likely to suffer a complete breakdown. With some warm days still ahead and possible fall heat waves, you don’t want to take any chances.

Steeper electrical bills

The additional stress on an AC from a problem with a motor, the compressor, the blower fan, or any other part will lead it to draw on greater amounts of electricity. You’ll pay more to run the AC than you should—and if you end the cooling season this way, you’ll start the next season paying more as well! The sooner you have the air conditioner repaired, the sooner you’ll stop paying higher than necessary bills.

Pricier repairs

A single repair issue in an air conditioner is likely to become multiple repair issues if it is not taken care of soon. Trouble easily spreads through a complex mechanical system like an AC, so the longer you wait to have repairs done, the greater the chance that you’ll have to pay more.

Shorter equipment lifespan

The grand total of all the repair troubles on an air conditioner is a shorter service life for the system. If you allow malfunctions to continue without correction, the wear and tear will begin taking months and years off the air conditioner, and you’ll probably need to replace it sooner. An air conditioner will only be able to reach its maximum estimated lifespan and outlive its warranty if it has any repairs it needs seen to promptly.

When you have access to great HVAC technicians like ours, there’s no excuse to wait to have your cooling system repaired. At the first sign something is wrong (an odd sound, a drop in cooling power, a rise in bills, water dripping from the cabinet, etc.) call our team and we’ll have the problem fixed. End the summer with your AC in the best shape for next summer!

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