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Minneapolis Furnace Repair and Replacement

Don: Alright, hi everybody! I’m here with David Daher from Freedom Heating and Air Conditioning and David’s going to talk a little bit today about becoming a member of the Freedom Club.

David, why don’t you tell us a little bit about the Freedom Club?

David: Well, yeah, the Freedom Club has many great benefits. The first one is that you get two annual tune-ups, as we call them. Coming out chaining, cleaning up the system, checking it for any possibilities of parts that may fail. In you know, in a crisis, or a less than ideal situation, if there ever could be one. But, we do one in the springtime for the air conditioner, and we do one in the fall for the furnace leading into both the heating and cooling seasons, respectively.

Don: What does something like that cost? If I just call you up and I say: “Hey David! I need an air conditioner tune-up, what’s that cost?”

David: For a furnace tune-up, or an air conditioner tune-up, normally it’s $149 by itself.

Don: By itself. So that’s $300 worth of value right there.

David: Right

Don: Okay. What’s a freedom membership cost, David?

David: The freedom club membership is $189. We usually do it on a monthly payment system, where we’re doing $15.75 a month.

Don: Okay, so… I kind of interrupted you there. You said you get two annual tune-ups, what else?

David: Yeah so… some of the other biggest benefits of it are that Freedom Club members are the only ones that get direct access to us, pretty much 24/7. So, if you are a Freedom Club member, and you do have need for emergency or after-hours service, then we are there to service you. We do have a technician that’s always on call for our Freedom Club members. And plus, there is no overtime charges. In fact, you get charged the regular rates plus our discount and our membership fees, so you get 20% on repairs, get 5% off new system installations and we give you 20% off if you need filters, or if you want to purchase any accessories. So there are multiple benefits to being a Freedom Club member when it comes to needing service, whether it’s, you know, on demand, after hours… You know, summer, winter, or even just during regular business, I’ll have someone come out.

Don: Wow, so the average person can really more than cover the cost of membership every year.

David: Oh, certainly. Even just in the cleanings alone, the discounts for parts and repairs and filters, and stuff like that, is just kind of an added bonus or benefit that we give to our clients. Plus, we do run monthly specials too, that are directly focused towards our club members, for special accessories that we’re offering, or if there’s anything like that for the month. 

Don: Excellent, anything else about the Freedom Club?

David: Those pretty much cover it. Those are the biggest concern because 27% of the population actually only performs maintenance on their systems annually. So there’s actually about 70%, 72% of the people out there don’t even do in any kind of an annual maintenance. So, the benefits from doing those two tune-ups and those cleanings, can really, you know, they can lower your energy costs, they can really prevent costly payments on things that might happen unexpectedly, and actually, just keep the system running to top performance and peak efficiency all year-round. So, you have a high-efficiency system, but if you don’t maintain it, that efficiency is going to start to drop off. So we’re gonna really start to increase your lifetime operational costs if you don’t maintain those systems clean. It’s Much more so today than it used to be back in the day because there’s a lot more circuitry and technology in the system. So dirt, dust and stuff like that effect them a lot more negatively than it used to.

Don: Good to know. Great! 


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