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How much thought have you given to the thermostat(s) in your house? Since these temperature control units are designed to blend in and appear mostly invisible, you probably haven’t given them that much consideration.

Digital Thermostats Near Minneapolis, MN

But the thermostat is one of the essential components of any HVAC system. After all, these are the devices that allow you to interact and operate the system, and they also serve as the monitor on temperatures in the house. If you have a faulty thermostat, it can cause trouble for the heater and air conditioner, leading to poor comfort in your home, a system that short-cycles, and even a system that breaks down early.

It takes professionals with the right training to work on thermostats or upgrade them. Freedom Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. has a full range of thermostat evaluation and replacement services to see that your home in Minneapolis, MN or the surrounding areas has the temperature controls necessary for comfort and energy savings.

We install a wide range of the best in new thermostat technology, as well as provide repair services to get your broken thermostats working once again.

Choices for Thermostat Replacement and New Thermostat Installation Near Minneapolis, MN

If you have a thermostat that’s more than a decade old, or you’re putting in a new heater or air conditioner, you should have the thermostat upgraded to one of the newer models that offer extra features. These thermostats are more convenient and will help you conserve energy—often in ways you never considered before.

The Digital Thermostat:
Even an upgrade from a manual “sliders–and–dials” thermostat to the simplest digital model is an improvement. Digital thermostats are easier to set and more precise. You should go with a programmable model if possible, since this will give you better control over the temperature settings in your house, even when you’re not home.
The WiFi Thermostat:
WiFi technology is expanding to all parts of life, so why not make use of it with your home comfort system? There’s more freedom of placement with WiFi thermostats, they come with remote controls, and most can be operated through a WiFi connection.
The Smart Thermostat:
What makes a thermostat “smart”? When it learns from your programming history to create the most energy efficient program all on its own! This is the current cutting edge in comfort controls, allowing you a level of home automation that was previously only found in science fiction.

We Offer Full Thermostat Repair and Installation Near Minneapolis, MN

Home Thermostat Installation Near Minneapolis, MN

The thermostat is crucial for a successful HVAC system, so don’t ignore the ones in your house and let either outdated technology or a malfunctioning unit impair your family’s comfort during the year or raise your bills unnecessarily. When you think you need new thermostats installed, or you believe a failing thermostat is causing your comfort headaches, just call on Freedom Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc.. Our factory–trained technicians are familiar with the latest HVAC technology, and they will see that you have the right thermostat installation or repair. We know exactly how to help you, and we do each job quickly and effectively. Contact us for service in Minneapolis, MN and the surrounding areas.

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