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Central air conditioning and heating is one of the best advances over the last century when it comes to better comfort in a house—and better living in general. There’s one drawback common to most central air systems, however, and that’s the lack of control they offer when it comes to deciding which parts of a house receive cooled or heated air. The conventional ventilation system allows air to travel to all the rooms connected to the ducts, whether the individual rooms need it or not. This can lead to a lot of energy waste in large houses or homes that have frequently empty rooms, such as guest bedrooms.

One of the ways to take better control over how conditioned air is distributed in your house is with the installation of a zone control system. With the assistance of HVAC professionals, you can divide your home into different “zones” (from as few as two, to as many as there are rooms) that can have their temperatures controlled independent of the others. Freedom Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. can help set-up your home with zone heating and cooling, either as part of new HVAC system installation or as a retro fit. Call us today for service in Minneapolis, MN and the surrounding areas.

Installing Zone Heating and Cooling in Your Minneapolis Home

Here’s how a zone control system works: installers place dampers in the ductwork, as many dampers as are necessary for the amount of zones you want in the house. Each damper can seal off a section of the ducts to prevent airflow from reaching the vents. But the dampers don’t do this job independently. They’re each wired to a local thermostat, and then to a central climate control panel. As the dampers open and close, the HVAC system adjusts how much it works as well. Airflow can be controlled in a particular zone through the local thermostat. Or the homeowner can manipulate all of the zones through the central panel.

Advantages of Zone Heating and Air Conditioning

The main advantage of going with zone control for a home is that it eliminates unnecessary expenditure of energy to heat or cool rooms that are empty. For large homes, zone control can mean a significant drop in the amount of energy used around the year.

Another way that zone control can benefit you is that it permits people in your household to enjoy individualized comfort. Each person can control the temperature level wherever they are, with fewer arguments igniting over how to set the thermostat.

This same principle applies to room use: not every room needs to be at the same temperature. An infant’s room benefits from being a bit warmer, while the kitchen or a home gym will need cooler temperatures. Zone heating and cooling gives you this control.

We’re Your Source for Zone Control System Services in Minneapolis

If reading all this has gotten you eager to have zone controls put into your HVAC system, then just being at this website puts you a step ahead: we’re the reliable HVAC contractors serving the Minneapolis, MN area who can do the job for you, fast and right. If you already enjoy the benefits of zone heating and cooling, we can help whenever you run into a repair issue or if you’re interested in replacing the system with an updated one. Let Freedom Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. help you and your family enjoy better comfort for your home, with fewer arguments over temperature setting, and an increase in savings.

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