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Humidity is a major problem for homes in Minneapolis-St. Paul at this time of year. Excess moisture levels in a house don’t just come from the outdoor environment; they also come from inside sources. When relative humidity starts to rise above 50%, you’ll find your home will be highly uncomfortable and parts will begin to suffer from water damage. This high humidity can also trigger the growth of unhealthy molds.

The best way to properly dehumidify your house so you have balanced humidity (you don’t want the house to be toodry!) is with the installation of a whole-house dehumidifier. You can contact our team to arrange for this service.

We’ve listed a few tips below that will help your new dehumidifier do its job. On their own, these won’t completely solve your home’s humidity issues, but they’ll take some of the work stress off the dehumidifier:

  • Ventilate your house: Find the areas in your home where moisture is building up the most, such as the kitchen and the bathroom. Any space in the house where you’re noticing foggy windows is one that’s too damp. Run vent fans for longer to draw as much moisture as possible from these spaces. If you don’t have fans located in these rooms, open up windows after using water in them.
  • Avoid long showers: You’ve heard that taking shorter showers will save water. Now you have another reason to cut short your long shower: it helps to lower indoor humidity. Make the shower a bit colder, too.
  • Cooking: Food preparation is a huge source of indoor moisture, but you can lower the moisture levels by covering food and using slow cookers rather than oven and stove-top cooking.
  • Replace old carpets: Carpets can absorb large amounts of moisture (and they attract dust mites as well, which love humidity). You might find getting rid of an old carpet an immense benefit for home dehumidification.

Call on Freedom Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. in Minneapolis, MN for great whole-house dehumidifier services.

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