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There was a time when most homes had one basic choice when it came to winter heating: a furnace. A home with a gas line used a natural gas furnace, and one without used an electric furnace. But today new homes have a variety of options when it comes to heating, such as heat pumps and various types of radiant heating systems. Among the radiant heaters, one kind has gained immensely in popularity: in-floor heating.

How In-Floor Heating Works

The most common type of in-floor heating system is hydronic, i.e. it runs from a boiler that circulates hot water through pipes around the home. But instead of sending the heated water to radiators or baseboard heaters, the water goes through pipes installed in a sub-floor. The water warms the floorboards and radiates heat upwards into the rooms.

The Benefits of This Type of Heating

There are a number of reasons to consider using in-floor heating for a new home:

  • Efficiency: Boiler systems are already a more energy-efficient method of heating than forced-air systems like furnaces and heat pumps. This is because water is a more effective heat transference medium than air. In-floor heating goes even farther, since sending the heat directly from the floor makes for a faster, more even heat distribution—and that means it doesn’t need to be run as often as other kinds of heaters.
  • Better air quality: As with other radiant systems, in-floor heating doesn’t blow around any dust, dirt, or other pollutants from ducts. This is a huge advantage for households with people who suffer from asthma and allergies.
  • Comfort: To put it simply, in-floor heating just “feels” better. There’s nothing more comfortable on a cold Minnesota morning than walking across a warm floor. The heat coming from beneath your feet feels like a sunny, warm day.

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