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One of the serious comfort problems that confront homes in Minnesota every summer is high humidity. A that has so many lakes also has high moisture levels in the air. That can help out somewhat during the winter cold, but when the weather warms up in spring and climbs during summer, high humidity can make conditions truly unpleasant.

You may not have any control over the humidity levels outdoors. But you can do something about this indoors thanks to a whole-house humidifier. One of these appliances integrated into your HVAC system will mean better summer comfort, a reduced chance of water damage in your house, and even overall improved health for you and your family.

A whole-house dehumidifier requires professional installation. Freedom Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. has the team to take care of the job for you if you live in Minneapolis or the surrounding areas. We not only install dehumidifiers, we also take care of other services, such as repairs, maintenance, and replacements.

How a Whole–House Dehumidifier Works

You may be aware that your home’s air conditioner has some dehumidification properties. As the evaporator coil absorbs heat, it also causes moisture in the air to condense along it. This moisture drips down into a condensate pan below, where a drain removes it.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that an AC is all you need for dehumidification, however. That isn’t the role of an air conditioner. For proper balance of humidity levels, you must have a dedicated whole–house dehumidifier installed. This dehumidifier works in a fashion similar to an air conditioner: refrigerant in a coil absorbs thermal energy from the air, but also removes moisture, which is drained out of the system. To avoid causing a temperature imbalance with the air conditioning system, the dehumidifier re–heats the air after drawing the moisture from it.

Benefits of a Dehumidifier

There are a number of advantages that proper humidity balance via a dehumidifier offers a home. Here are the three main ones:

Better comfort and energy savings:
High levels of moisture make it easier for heat to be trapped inside your body, which is why you feel hotter during humid day. Thanks to a dehumidifier, you’ll not only feel cooler, you’ll also save energy because the air conditioner won’t need to work as much.
Avoid water damage:
Water buildup due to moisture can mean damage to your home’s building materials and furnishings. Mildew and wood rot are extremely destructive results of sustained levels of high moisture.
Stop unhealthy molds:
Molds that release toxic spores are a major threat to indoor air quality. Balanced humidity stops mold from getting a chance to take hold.

We Offer Some of the Best Dehumidifier Services in Minneapolis

Balancing the humidity in your house is an important step toward guarding comfort and health in your house. Since high humidity is a common problem in the Minneapolis, MN area during the summers, you’ll likely benefit from calling Freedom Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. and arranging for a whole–house dehumidifier installation or replacement of an older system.

Our skilled HVAC specialists will see you have the best dehumidifier for your needs, and they will also see to any other requirements you may have in the future for repairs and maintenance. We combine the expert technicians with the best products so that you’ll be satisfied on each job.

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