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The chill of winter usually brings with it exceptionally dry air. Moisture freezes into snow, leaving little water vapor behind. While dry air is pleasant during a hot summer day, it’s much less pleasant when the temperature is below freezing. Low humidity levels make the cold feel chillier, and it can also cause other health and comfort problems. It can even lead to damage to your home and possessions!

To deal with dry air in your home, consider arranging installation of a whole-house humidifier. After one of these appliances is hooked into your HVAC system, you and your family will enjoy increased levels of winter comfort and health.

When you want a whole-house humidifier installed—or your current one serviced—look to Freedom Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc.. We’re a family and veteran-owned HVAC company serving Minneapolis, MN and the surrounding areas. You can trust to our certified technicians to handle all your needs for humidity balance in your home: just give us a call today.

The Advantages of a Whole–House Humidifier

When thinking of a humidifier, your mind might first go to a simple portable unit that sends steam into a room. Such portable humidifiers are adequate for a small space, such as a baby’s room, but they cannot provide the humidity levels necessary to benefit an entire household. For this, you need to contact HVAC professionals to install a whole–house humidifier into the ventilation system. There it releases moisture to the air moving from the heating system, keeping it moist but not too humid.

Here are some of the ways this type of humidifier benefits you:

Better comfort in cold weather:
You know the experience of humid weather on a hot day: you feel substantially hotter. But this will work to your advantage during a cold day. The extra water moisture in the air makes it harder for your body to lose warmth through perspiration, trapping additional heat.
Save on heating bills:
The cost to heat a home during a Minnesota winter is often high. But it will cost less if you have improved comfort thanks to higher humidity.
Fewer illnesses:
Dry air causes sinuses and mucus membranes to dry up. This makes it easier for colds, flus, and other airborne illnesses to spread from person to person. A humidifier often leads to a healthier home.
Protect wood and painted surfaces:
Low humidity allows moisture to escape from wood, which will cause it to crack. It also leads to paint peeling. With balanced humidity, you’ll have some of your most valuable possessions protected.

Looking for the Best Humidifier Services in Minneapolis?

You’re already ahead of the game, because you found us! Our indoor comfort specialists will find the ideal whole–house humidifier to help balance the moisture levels in your home in Minneapolis, MN or the surrounding areas. We’ll ensure that you enjoy comfort during the coldest weather and attend to the humidifier whenever it needs repair work. Count on us for regular maintenance so that your humidifier and heater will continue to operate in top condition.

At Freedom Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc., we believe an educated customer is a happier customer. No matter the job that we do for you, we’ll make sure that you’re informed every step of the way about our work. We’ll listen to your concerns, address them, and offer you a range of options to ensure that you’re satisfied with the final job.

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