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Last week we focused on the many benefits that you’ll enjoy when you sign up for our Freedom Club, which includes our detailed AC and heating maintenance programs. The Freedom Club provides you with excellent maintenance service for both of your comfort systems, with a visit for the heater in fall and the air conditioning in the spring. (Spring is coming up soon, so now is a great time to enroll and have the AC tuned-up before the first warm days arrive.)

I Don’t Know… Do I Need This Every Year?

We understand that people are often wary about signing up for programs that mean paying money upfront. There’s a worry that maybe this isn’t necessary. Maybe you can take care of your AC and heater on a case-by-case basis. Or perhaps you can skip a year here and there, it probably won’t make a difference.

But annual air conditioning and heating maintenance in St. Paul, MN and throughout the Minneapolis-St. Paul area is essential. We’ll go into a few of details why.

Dependable Heating Is Not Optional in Minnesota

We’ll tell you something you already know as a resident: winters in Minnesota are brutal. Right now we’re enjoying balmy late winter weather—in the low 30s! With regular -10°F days and nights, a reliable heating system is an absolute must. Loss of heating power because of a failed furnace or other heating system in a home can be life-threatening in some situations.

There is no way to prevent all possible heating system failures, but around 80% of them can be stopped ahead of time with annual fall maintenance. One of the principle jobs that our technicians do on each visit is to check over all the heater’s components for wear and signs that they may be in trouble. We can then arrange to fix the problem before the cold sets in, and you’ll have important peace of mind that the heater will get through another rough Minnesota winter.

Air Conditioning Will Become Pricy without Regular Maintenance

Summers are hot and muggy here (the lakes are responsible for the latter), and although you may not rely on an AC the way you do a heater, it’s an appliance that will run regularly throughout the season. You don’t want to pay more to run it than you should, but that’s what will happen if you let annual maintenance slide. Each year an air conditioning system misses its routine maintenance, it will lose around 5% of it efficiency, and that means bills will mount quickly. Staying on top of maintenance provides all the regular benefits of stopping repair issues, but it also keeps the AC from costing too much to run.

Safety Is Key

For natural gas heating systems like gas furnaces, annual maintenance is a vital part of making sure they run safely. We don’t want you to get the idea that a gas furnace is inherently dangerous. It should offer your family no major health worries… provided that it has its annual check-up and inspection from a professional. Our technicians will look for cracked heat exchangers and other places where toxic gas might escape from the system and have it fixed (or replace the system) so you stay safe.

Freedom Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. is here to help you with staying cool in summer and warm in winter. Call our team today to learn more about our Freedom Club!

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