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Last week we wrote about why we recommend that homeowners opt for a gas-powered furnace (where possible) over an electric one. But furnaces of any type aren’t the only choice that you have when you’re considering a system installation. There are other ways to provide warmth to your home aside from sending out heated air through vents.

You could, for example, use a boiler, which sends hot water to terminal points in rooms—radiators, baseboard heaters, in-floor tubing—and radiates heat into them.

But is a boiler really an effective home heater? Are there any reasons to consider one?

The answer is: Yes!

Here are some reasons to put a boiler on your list for a home heating system:

  • Energy-efficient performance: Water is more effective at the transference of heat than air is, so a boiler uses less energy to deliver the same level of warmth as a furnace. Boilers also don’t have heat loss through ducts. You can expect to pay less to run a gas-powered boiler compared to a furnace.
  • Better air quality: Do people with allergies or asthma live in your home? If so, a boiler is a good way to reduce air contaminants. Boilers don’t send air through ducts that are filled with dust, dirt, mold, dust mites, and other allergens. The air radiating from baseboard heaters and radiators is clean air, and it can make a tremendous difference for health in your household.
  • Even spread of warmth: Think about how a furnace works. It sends heated air through a vent into a room, and the air floats right to the ceiling. That creates an uneven spread of heat and plenty of cold spots in a room. But the radiant heat from a boiler moves evenly through a room for better comfort delivered faster.
  • Longevity: Boilers last longer than furnaces thanks to the small number of moving parts they have. This also means fewer repair concerns.

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