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It’s already August, but that doesn’t mean we can expect any reprieve from the heat soon. This is a point of the year where a household air conditioning system faces a dilemma: it has plenty of hard work still ahead of it, but has already built up a tremendous amount of wear and tear from two or more months of steady operation. This is the time when a homeowner has to be the most vigilant about potential air conditioning problems. If all that stress leads to a loss of cooling or a complete AC system breakdown, it means getting stranded during one of the hottest parts of the year waiting for help to arrive.

Fortunately, you have our experts to help you with air conditioning repair in Edina, MN or elsewhere in and around the Twin Cities. But we’re also in the prevention business as much as the repair business. We want to help you know what types of problems you might encounter with your air conditioner at this time of year. This will assist you with knowing when to call for preventive air conditioning repairs—which are the best kind of repairs!

Failed capacitors

Air conditioning systems are designed to operate in intense heat. They wouldn’t be much good otherwise. But heat still has a cumulative effect on some of the components, and the parts most vulnerable are the capacitors. Capacitors are responsible for sending voltage to the motors that power the fans and compressor to start them running and keep them running. In extreme heat, a capacitor may start to lose its ability to hold an electrical charge, leading to problems with motors starting up or staying on. Failed capacitors need to be replaced.

Refrigerant leaks

This is a problem that we especially caution you about if you’ve had your air conditioner for more than five years. This is the point where formicary corrosion, a type of corrosion that occurs because of formaldehyde in a home’s air, will lead to leaks along copper refrigerant lines. A drop in refrigerant charge will eventually place the compressor in jeopardy, but fortunately warning signs will pop up before then: a hissing sound, a loss of cooling capacity, ice on the evaporator coil. Call for professional assistance immediately: the refrigerant leaks must be sealed and the lost refrigerant replaced.

A drop in airflow

Make sure you continue to replace the air filter in your AC throughout the summer, usually every 1 to 3 months (depending on the filter type). Leaving a clogged filter in place will create lower airflow through the ventilation system and the creation of hot spots around the house. It can also create other troubles like short-cycling and frozen coils. Low airflow may indicate trouble with the blower fan motor, which may be in danger of overheating—especially if the AC didn’t have regular maintenance service in spring.

Remember: the best repair prevention for an air conditioner is to have it tune-up and inspected each year before the summer heat starts up. Sign up for our Freedom Club to ensure your cooling system is always in top shape.

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