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Freedom Heating & Air Conditioning Achieves Mitsubishi Electric’s Highest Honor


David Daher Accepts Mitsubishi Electric’s Most Prestigious Award


Freedom Heating & Air is a Mitsubishi Electric Elite Diamond Contractor

On behalf of my staff and myself I want to humbly thank you for your contribution to our continued growth and success as the Minneapolis, MN area’s leading Mitsubishi Electric Elite Diamond Contractor. (Sorry about the shadow on the pic of our certificate, but I am an HVAC contractor, not a photographer! LOL!)

So what’s in it for you?

This is about you, not about us. This about your total satisfaction, not about another plaque to hang in our training room.

When you buy your Mitsubishi Electric ductless mini-split system from an Elite Diamond contractor, you get:

  • 12-year parts and 12-year compressor warranty for residential products. Installation training matters, so Mitsubishi offers this amazing warranty only when properly trained installers, like Elite Diamond contractors, do the job.
  • Optional 12-year extended labor warranty for residential products. Only Mitsubishi Elite Diamond contractors can offer this extended warranty. Yes, it costs a few extra bucks, but imagine the peace-of-mind of knowing your equipment is totally covered, bumper-to-bumper for 12 years.
  • Top tier technical support in the event there is any issue with the equipment that requires additional information or factory support. Translation: we get access to Mitsubishi’s very best tech support gurus when we need it. While Mitsubishi’s first-line support staff are awesome, there are a number of senior-level tech support staff reserved for the trickiest problems. When we encounter a tough one, we can leapfrog our regular support people to get to these sharpshooters.
  • No waiting on hold to speak to someone. (This is actually a benefit we get that translates into faster service for you!)

That’s right. If you buy your system from a contractor who has not achieved this status, you will not get these things, so we’re thrilled to be able to provide this level of value at no additional cost to you!

Why should you care if Freedom is an Elite Diamond Contractor?

I guess a better question is, what kind of contractors do you trust with your family’s comfort and safety?

We want Freedom Heating & Air Conditioning to be the answer to that question, and we work very hard to earn your trust even when we’re not in your home.

Through continuous training and process improvements in addition to standard safety measures like technician background checks and drug testing.

When we pull up to your home we want to evoke a feeling of relief in knowing that you are about to have the best possible experience with the best possible outcome, every time.

Our status as a Mitsubishi Electric Elite Diamond contractor means you have another layer of assurance that your expectations will be exceeded in every way.

What is a Mitsubishi Electric Elite Diamond Contractor?

Great question. Here’s what an Elite Diamond Contractor is and why it should matter to you.

HVAC contractors come in all shapes and sizes, from one guy with a truck to the giants with 300 trucks and everything in between.

Mitsubishi Electric founded the Diamond Contractor program to help all their authorized contractors improve every aspect of our performance, and to provide contractors like us with a proven, tested roadmap to excellence in all aspects of our business. This is so you have the best possible experience when purchasing Mitsubishi Electric ductless mini-splits.

They recognized a need to reward contractors who rise above the average and to give homeowners a seal of approval and excellence that you can depend on when purchasing Mitsubishi Electric products.

Mitsubishi Electric is a corporation with a culture deeply rooted in excellence and high performance, with a track record of impeccable quality, technology leadership, and innovation.

Before they awarded us their highest level of contractor status, they really put us through our paces.

How Did Freedom Become a Mitsubishi Electric Elite Diamond Contractor?

There is a firm set of criteria for becoming an Elite Diamond Contractor:

  • We were nominated by our Mitsubishi Electric distributor, Gustav A. Larson Company, with whom we work closely on a daily basis.
  • I had to agree to and sign Mitsubishi Electric’s Code of Conduct, a comprehensive outline for how they want their customers to be treated.
  • All my technical staff was required to complete the 2-day M-Series and P-Series service course.
  • A Mitsubishi Electric Elite Diamond contractor must have a brick and mortar location. Sounds crazy, I know, but in this era of Internet sales, it’s one way Mitsubishi can ensure that their products are installed by companies who are truly part of the local community.
  • An Elite Diamond contractor must install a minimum of 20 systems annually to ensure familiarity and proficiency. (We’re well over 100 annually and hope to double that again in 2019!)
  • Membership in this exclusive group of contractors demonstrates to you that we have undergone the very highest level of training, giving our staff the highest level of ductless mini-split technical expertise, with additional emphasis on customer satisfaction.

Contractors with the Elite Diamond Contractor designation are identified as experts of Mitsubishi Electric’s wide range of products and services.

Ductless HVAC Installation in the Twin Cities

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about Freedom Heating & Air Conditioning. If you think your home might be a candidate for one or more ductless mini-splits, I hope you will consider letting us give you an estimate. Please call us at 612-306-6400, or click here to fill out a simple form and one of our folks will be in touch with you shortly.

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