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Heat pumps for year-round home comfort are a good idea for most homes. Even with the deep freeze winters here in Minnesota, homes can still enjoy effective heating from a heat pump that’s also a dual fuel system using a back-up furnace in case the heat pump loses efficiency.

But you probably don’t want to hear about heating power right now. There’s enough heat outside as it is! Your current concern is the other half of your heat pump system’s operation, its cooling power. A correctly sized and installed heat pump is as powerful as a similar sized air conditioner. You can expect to skate through the hot days of summer with no problem.

But no mechanical system can work perfectly at all times. If you notice when you turn on your heat pump for cooling that it either sends out room temperature air or even heated air, something is wrong. It might be simple, or it may require calling for professional heat pump repair service. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons your heat pump may not be cooling your home:

A broken reversing valve

If your heat pump is sending out heat when you want cooling, then a strong possibility is that the reversing valve is stuck. This valve is a key component that allows a heat pump to operate as both an AC and heater. It directs where the refrigerant in the system goes as it exits the compressor. If it goes one direction, the unit is in heating mode; if in the other, cooling mode. The slider in the valve can become stuck, or the valve may lose its connection to the thermostat. Whatever the reason, the heat pump won’t move out of that mode. If the valve is broken, technicians can put in a new one.

Thermostat trouble

We recommend you always check on the thermostat closely when you run into a comfort issue with the heat pump. Sometimes, the problem is as simple as a mistaken setting. But the thermostat may have a malfunction, such as the one mentioned above where it doesn’t communicate with the reversing valve. If the thermostat is sensing incorrect temperatures, it may not turn on the compressor to start the cooling cycle.

Clogged air filter

We can’t stress this enough: the air filter in an HVAC system must be replaced every 1 to 3 months. If you have a heat pump that isn’t cooling, a clogged up filter could be behind it. Insufficient air is moving into the heat pump to be cooled down, resulting in a steep decline in cooling power.

The heat pump is wearing down

Sometimes the issue is simply a heat pump that’s too old to do its job anymore. The average system should last for 10 to 15 years (provided it receives bi-annual maintenance). Once it’s older than this, a drop in cooling power—or heating power during winter—is a warning that it’s time to look into a replacement installation.

If you do need heat pump repairs in Plymouth, MN, all it takes is contacting our expert team. We’ll work fast to see you have your comfort restored to you.

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