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This is scenario no one wants to encounter during a hot and humid day in late summer: an air conditioning system that abruptly stops working. The compressor quits, the fans cease whirring… the system seems appears dead.

Should this happen in your house, try to remain calm. If the air conditioner has suffered a major mechanical malfunction, you can call for our technicians to come to your assistance. We have NATE-certified air conditioning specialists who will have the problem corrected as soon as possible.

But before you call for professional help with the AC, make sure that the problem isn’t a loss of power. There are few things to check to see if there’s a simple answer to the problem.

An actual loss of power to your house

If your AC fails during the middle of a bright summer day, you may not at first notice that the power is out in other parts of the house. Before you do anything else regarding the air conditioner, look to see if the rest of the home has electrical power.

A tripped circuit breaker

This is a common trouble that air conditioning systems encounter, especially during periods of high demand for cooling power. If the AC creates a sudden increase in draw on amps, it can cause a circuit breaker to trip and cut off electricity to the system. Check your home’s electrical panel to see if any breakers have tripped. Reset them, then turn the air conditioner back on. If the air conditioner causes the circuit breaker to trip again, call for repair technicians, since this usually indicates an electrical system malfunction.

Loss of connection to the thermostat

An air conditioner may also shut down because the thermostat has failed and is no longer sending the signals to its fans and compressor to start up. Check to see if the thermostat is working. If it isn’t, you’ll need to have technicians handle repairs or replacing the thermostat.

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