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Last week we posted a blog to remind our readers it’s time to have their air conditioning systems professionally maintained. Summer’s here, and the temperatures going to rise steeply through July, but there’s still time to have a thorough inspection and tune-up for your AC before it has to do the majority of its work.

We know it’s tempting to skip maintenance and assume the air conditioner will be “fine,” and you’ll do it next year. But this is a mistake! There can be some serious consequences for your AC if it misses the annual maintenance visit:

  • The AC will cost more to run: It only takes a season of work to put significant stress on the air conditioner’s components, with motors losing lubricant and parts starting to collect dust and dirt. The outdoor coil is likely to have collected grime over the winter as well. All this will cause the air conditioner to drain more power than necessary to run… and you’ll see a noticeable uptick in your bills. Each year the AC misses maintenance, those bills will rise.
  • You’ll need more repairs: Here’s a sobering statistic: 85% of the repairs an air conditioning system may require over its lifetime are preventable with maintenance. For example, burnt-out motors are rare if a technician catches when a motor needs cleaning or more lubricant. Regular checks keep the AC in the best shape possible, so you won’t have to keep calling for professionals to fix it.
  • A full system breakdown: This is the nightmare scenario, especially during a hot summer day. Sometimes a broken AC can’t be fixed and must be replaced, which is a huge and expensive hassle. Regular maintenance gives your AC the best chance to make it through the season without something like this happening. And if replacing an old air conditioner is the best option, your maintenance technician will be able to inform you so you can have it replaced at your convenience.

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