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SecureAire: The Safest, Healthiest, and Cleanest indoor air possible for you and your family

Hospital Trusted. SecureAire’s patented technology is proven in clean rooms and is Hospital Trusted™

How safe is the air in your home?

We breathe over 10,000 quarts of air each day. Each breath can be filled with harmful particulates, VOCs, and pathogens. According to the EPA and the American Lung Association, indoor air can be up to ten times more polluted than outdoor air. That’s because every home generates and traps millions of potentially harmful airborne particles, pathogens, and gases. The airborne contaminants we breathe are taken in through the lungs, carried by the bloodstream, and transported into vital organs. Too small to be seen, and so light that they stay suspended in the air, most of these pollutants are a constant threat to our health.

Why a Whole-Home
Air Purification System?

While portable air cleaners can be
somewhat effective in individual
rooms, SecureAire’s Whole-Home Air
Purification System is professionally
installed into your central heating
and cooling system, purifying the air
in every room of your home. Our
patented technology transports and
inactivates particulates, harmful VOCs,
and health-threatening pathogens,
creating a safer, healthier, and cleaner
home for you and your family.

Proven Performance,
Low Maintenance

SecureAire’s ACTIVE Particle Control
Technology has been proven in hospitals
and LEED-certified commercial
buildings to exceed even the best air
filtration standards. It’s reliable and
easy to maintain. Just replace the
disposable filter when notified,
typically every 12 months. Your family
deserves the safest, healthiest, and
cleanest air possible.

Save Energy, Save Money,
Have Peace of Mind

Along with cleaning the air,
SecureAire’s Whole-Home Air
Purification System can save you
money by keeping your heating and
cooling equipment clean, maintaining
maximum efficiency, and extending
service life without costly repairs.
SecureAire is backed by a 5-year
100% full-replacement product
warranty and a 90-day satisfaction



viruses, bacteria,
and mold

The SecureAire Difference

Typical air purification systems work by moving air through a standard filter, sifting out particulates and trapping them in the filter. But that assumes that all particles can be moved by air currents. Surprisingly, many particles, like viruses, mold, pollen, and harmful VOCs, are so small that they are virtually weightless and completely unaffected by air currents. They remain suspended in the air much like fruit suspended in gelatin. The only way to remove all particles, even down to molecular sizes, is with SecureAire’s ACTIVE Particle Control Technology.

ACTIVE Particle Control Captures and Kills
With SecureAire’s ACTIVE Particle Control Technology, small particles are combined with other particles to create larger “clumps” that are then actively transported to the filter. And unlike conventional filters that can allow potentially harmful organisms to continue to breed inside your home, the SecureAire System INACTIVATES (kills) any pathogens. SecureAire’s process efficiently and effectively provides you with the highest quality air purification for a Safe, Healthy, and Clean indoor air environment.
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ACTIVE Particle Control: How it works

The Advanced and Patented 4-Step process

Particles entering the SecureAire System become electrically CONDITIONED.

Thousands of times a second, conditioned particles are forced to COLLIDE, gaining weight in the process.

Collisions make particles larger and heavier thus easier to CAPTURE within the filter media. Once CAPTURED, any viable pathogens will be INACTIVATED or killed.

The smallest particles not yet CAPTURED are again electrically CONDITIONED and propelled back into the airspace. There, they attract and attach to other small particles to gain weight, allowing them to be TRANSPORTED from the airspace to the SecureAire filter.

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