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All right, let’s take a look at the weather forecast for February here in Minneapolis-St. Paul. Yes, it’s going to be cold. That’s no surpise… even people who don’t live here know how Minnesota winter can get.

But even though people know about the intense cold weather we experience, they still often don’t take the most important basic steps to arrange to keep their furnace or other heating system in the best possible shape. One of these basic steps is to sign up for an HVAC maintenance program. This not only means regular maintenance for the heating system each fall, but maintenance for the air conditioning system in the spring as well.

We have an excellent maintenance program set up, The Freedom Club. There are multiple plan levels:

  • Basic: For systems 1 to 5 years old
  • Good: For systems 6 to 10 years old
  • Better: For systems 11 to 15 years old
  • Best: For any system with the best coverage

All of the levels come with the following:

  • System Tune–Ups
  • Priority Status
  • Discount Service Fees
  • No Overtime Labor Rate
  • Parts and Labor Discount on Repairs
  • Extended Parts and Labor Warranty
  • Easy Monthly Payment Options

The higher membership levels offer even greater benefits, such as a 20–25% repair discount, included winter water heater maintenance, and same-day priority service. Our staff will help run down the different levels with you and help you make a choice of which program is the right match for your HVAC equipment and your budget.

But the Real Benefits Are for Your Heating and Cooling System

Even without all the benefits that we offer with our Freedom Club, regular maintenance provides vital help to your heater and air conditioner:

  • Extended Equipment Life: Without routine maintenance, a furnace, heat pump, air conditioner, or other comfort system will start to rapidly wear down. Unless regular maintenance relieves this stress and cleans the unit annual, it will not make it to it manufacturer’s estimated lifespan. Maintenance helps you get the most years of service from your HVAC system.
  • Better energy efficiency: If you have a high-efficiency AC or furnace, its efficiency rating won’t mean much after a few seasons with no inspections or tune-ups. Each year without maintenance means a decline of 5%, so you’ll soon be paying around 25% more than you should.
  • Avoid emergencies: You don’t want to scramble to get help on the coldest day of winter or hottest day of summer because your HVAC system suddenly shut down on you. Maintenance gives your heater and air conditioner the best preparation to make it through the coming season without problems.
  • Fewer repairs: Around 80% of the repair any heater or AC might require over its lifetime can be avoided thanks to maintenance. Think of how much you’ll save on repair costs alone thanks to being part of the Freedom Club!

To find out more about the benefits of the Freedom Club and to sign up to get started with great HVAC maintenance in Minneapolis, MN, simply call our offices. Right now we’re running a special where you’ll receive free membership when you have a humidifier installed.

Look to Freedom Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. Serving Minneapolis, St. Paul and the surrounding areas.

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