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Winters in Minnesota do not fool around! We experience intense cold throughout the season, with frequent subzero days and nights. Keeping a home well-heated is the number one priority for homeowners during the winter: it’s not only an issue of comfort, but also of the health of the family.

Having a powerful and reliable heating system, such as a gas furnace, in your house is the first step toward ensuring you have uninterrupted warmth whenever you need it during winter. The next step is to keep up with regular maintenance for the heating system during the pre-season. Regular maintenance consists of a yearly visit from an HVAC professional to inspect the heating system, then clean, adjust, and generally tune it up. This slows down the effects of aging, catches possible safety hazards, lowers the amount of repairs, protects system energy efficiency, and gives the system the longest service life possible.

We offer heating maintenance through our Freedom Club. When you become a member of the Freedom Club, you’re not only signing up for fall heating maintenance. You’re also signing up for spring air conditioning maintenance. Summer may seem far off, but your AC needs an annual tune-up just as much as the heater does.

The Benefits of the Freedom Club

Most HVAC companies offer maintenance programs of some kind. But not all service companies or the maintenance they provide are equal. Living up to the promises of our maintenance program is important to us, because it’s good for both us and the customers: customers receive superb service for their heater, and we receive dedicated customers likely to refer us to their friends.

Many contractors handle heating maintenance as a basic checklist. Not much actually gets done. The technician looks over the furnace, heat pump, etc. and marks off items—and that’s about it. Some less reputable contractors may even push for a homeowner to invest in something they don’t need, which can even include suggesting replacing the heater with a new one long before it is time.

We value our customers and referrals, so we never take shortcuts with heating maintenance. Our work through the Freedom Club gives you the following benefits:

  • Your energy use goes down: Our technicians make sure you have thoroughly cleaned equipment and all parts working in good shape. This keeps the heater working at its highest efficiency and prevents energy waste.
  • Less chance of a crisis failure: crisis failure is pretty much what it sounds like: a heating system failure that leaves you in a cold crisis! You’ll need emergency repairs to have the heater working again, and in some situations the heater won’t be able to come back and must be replaced. Maintenance makes it unlikely this will happen. We’ll catch problems early, as well as give you a heads-up when it looks like the heater is at the end of its lifespan.
  • VIP bonuses: You’re a true VIP when you join the Freedom Club, and we’ll treat you like one. You can jump to the head of the service queue, receive discounts of repairs, $100 off our normal overtime fee, and more.

To arrange for your vital heater maintenance in Andover, MN (and your future air conditioning maintenance) contact us today and sign up for our Freedom Club.

Freedom Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. serves the Minneapolis-St. Paul area.

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