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It’s the way things are here in Minnesota: when winter arrives, home energy bills go up. There’s no way around this, not with the bracing cold winters that we experience. However, there are ways to keep bills from rising quite so high. We have some useful tips for how you can make looking at your monthly utility bills less intimidating during the season.

  • Make sure the heater is professionally maintained: This is critical—especially in Minnesota weather! A professional inspection and tune-up for a heating system will see that it works at its energy-efficient best and doesn’t waste power. (Plus it will prevent breakdowns and possible safety hazards.)
  • Lower the water heater setting: Turn the temperature on the water heater down from the standard 140°F to 120°F (which is marked as the “warm” setting on most units). This will cut down on one of the biggest consumers of energy in your home during winter.
  • Unblock the vents: Furniture shifting over the season can often lead to room vents that are obstructed. This puts more strain on the heating system, and it’s also creates spikes pressure in the ventilation system that can lead to air leaks, another major source of energy waste.
  • Change the HVAC filter regularly: The filter in the HVAC system needs to be swapped for a fresh one every 1–3 months. Otherwise, clogging will make the heater work harder. We recommend checking the filter monthly to see how fast debris is catching in it. You’ll soon figure out a good schedule for replacing the filter.
  • Window coverings: Windows are a primary source for heat loss through winter. You can place special coverings over the windows that will slow down heat escape. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, these covers can stop 50% of the heat loss from a house—meaning the heating system has much less heat it must replace.

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