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Winter in Minnesota means heating systems in homes will work and work. A furnace can expect to shoulder a huge amount of stress until far into spring, and this level of strain can lead to repair problems.

One common trouble is when the furnace causes a circuit breaker to trip, cutting off power. If this happens to your furnace more than once, something is wrong. We’ll look at the possibilities.

(Yes, this can also be a problem for a gas-powered furnace. Gas furnaces do rely on electrical power to operate. The burners run from natural gas, but the blower that sends air through the furnace and then into the ventilation system runs on an electrical motor. Most furnaces today also use electronic ignition systems to start, rather than a standing pilot light.)

The air filter is the most likely culprit

If your furnace repeatedly trips a circuit breaker, the first thing to look into is the air filter. The air filter protects the inside of the furnace from dust and other debris that comes through the return ducts. If allowed to become clogged over 1 to 3 months, this will cause the blower to undergo immense strain trying to pull in sufficient air. An overloaded blower means an overloaded circuit.

Fortunately, this is a simple fix: change the air filter for a fresh one! Then make sure that you keep up with regular filter changes throughout the season.

It might be blocked air vents

If the filter change doesn’t fix the problem, tour your home to look for air vents in rooms that have either been closed or accidentally blocked by moved furniture. If too many vents are shut, it will create blower motor strain triggering the circuit breaker.

Call for help if the above doesn’t fix the trouble

If the furnace issue persists, then it’s time to contact HVAC technicians. They’ll find out why the furnace is overloading the circuit. From there, they’ll find out the best way to get your furnace back to work.

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