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We are not yet in the era when complex artificial intelligence computers can quickly diagnose problems in an air conditioning system and warn you about them, along with specifics about how they need to be repaired. There are some models of ACs that come with thermostats that will warn you when it’s time to change the air filter, but not anything more complicated than that. To identify when your AC needs to have professionals repair, you’ll have to instead watch for different warning signs. One of the most common warning signs is an unusual sound.

Here are some typical air conditioner warning sounds and what they mean

  • Mechanical grinding and screeching: These sounds often point toward motors that are wearing down due to stress. Screeching means that the motor bearings are almost shot, and they’ll need to be replaced before the motor suffers damage. Other grinding sounds are signs that the motor has lost lubrication or is dusty. The sooner you call for repairs, the less likely that you’ll need to have the whole motor replaced.
  • Hissing: If you hear what sounds like high pressure gas escaping inside the air conditioner cabinet, then that’s probably exactly what it is. Gaseous refrigerant may start to leak through small holes along the refrigerant line. This is a serious issue, since it will lead to a loss in cooling power, but also a drop in pressure inside the system that will cause damage to the compressor and other components. Professionals must seal the leaks and then recharge the refrigerant.
  • Clicking: When the air conditioner’s compressor starts up, you may hear clicking sounds from the cabinet. This indicates that the capacitors, the components that hold electrical charges and send them to the motors, are starting to fail. Failing capacitors lead to an AC that “hard starts,” draining power and putting strain on the compressor. HVAC technicians can replace the capacitors.

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