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There are a variety of ways to provide heat to a home, from the old-fashioned fireplace (more decorative than anything else today, but a nice luxury) to the most advanced high efficiency condensing furnaces. Many homes in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area rely on natural gas furnaces, which have an immense heating output that’s beneficial with our intense winters.

Another type of heating system is growing in popularity, however, and that is the ductless mini split heat pump. Ductless heating systems offer some great benefits to consider for a home. They aren’t ideal for every home, but the advantages for the right ones are tremendous. Below are a few examples.

Comfort that just feels better

Furnaces are powerful and heat up a home fast. There’s a drawback to them when it comes to comfort, however, which is that they can make a home feel stuffy with the heat they generate. Ductless mini splits, like other heat pumps, provide a “just right” type of heating for a house that removes the stuffy, overheated feeling that can come from a furnace.

Significantly less heat loss

A ductless heating system work through air handlers placed up on the walls of different rooms around the house. The air handlers contain a blower and refrigerant coil; the coil releases the heat and the blower sends it straight into the room. This direct air distribution removes a major problem that ductwork experiences: heat lost through the duct walls to the colder areas of a house. This conserves energy since the ductless system doesn’t have to make up for the heat loss.

Cleaner air

Along with a furnace making a home feel stuffier, it also can blow around dust and lint and other contaminants out of the ducts—which is also true for a standard heat pump connected to ductwork. Ducts collect a lot of debris, and each time the blower fan comes on, all those contaminants are blasted out into the home’s air. With a ductless system heating your house in winter, you’ll have more pleasant air, and people with asthma and allergies who live in your home will thank you.

Zone control

It can cost a lot to heat a Minnesota home during winter. If you heat the entire house each time the heating system comes on, which is the way most ducted systems work, it costs even more. With a ductless system, you only need to turn on the individual blower units in the rooms that are being used. You’ll save power this way. The blowers are easy to manipulate using remote controls.

Cooling in the summer

This isn’t a winter benefit, but it is a big benefit. Ductless systems are heat pumps, and that means they can switch over to working as cooling systems when the weather warms up.

If you are interested in installing ductless heating in St. Louis Park, MN for your house, or you wish to arrange for service for your current one, contact our offices. We are specialists with ductless heating and cooling in the area, and we’ll see you receive the assistance you need.

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