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We live in a “do-it-yourself” world where people often try to take on household projects themselves rather than contact professionals for the work. With all the help available through on-line sources, homeowners can go DIY for many different tasks. But there are limits to what falls into the “do-it-yourself” category, and central air conditioning systems are definitely one. Although there are a few minor AC jobs that a non-professional can handle (such as regular air filter changes), almost all other situations require a licensed professional contractor. Below we’ll look at the times when you should call HVAC professionals for air conditioning service.

When you need a new AC installed

Whether you are looking to have the first air conditioning system put into a house, or you want to replace an ailing system, you must contact trained professionals. Installing or replacing an AC is too complex for you to handle yourself or to trust to amateurs. Simply sizing the new system correctly is an intricate process. A badly-installed air conditioner will drain power, provide inadequate comfort, and likely need to be replaced years before its time.

When your air conditioner needs repairs

If your air conditioner stops working or shows signs that it has a malfunction (strange noises, drops in cooling power, higher bills) there are a few simple checks to make. Is the filter clogged? The thermostat incorrectly programmed? A circuit breaker tripped? But once you’ve exhausted the simple causes for the problem, you’ll have to call on professionals—don’t tamper on your own!

When it’s time for routine maintenance

Each spring, call for an HVAC technician to come to your home to inspect and tune-up the system. This is the best way to prepare for summer and keep the air conditioner working throughout the season. It also extends equipment life and helps restrain your utility bills. If you join our Freedom Club, you’ll receive maintenance each year for your air conditioner and heater.

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