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Are you in the market to install a new gas furnace in your home? We suggest that you go for a serious upgrade this time. Instead of replacing the current furnace with one that’s quite similar to it, you should give serious consideration to a multi-stage furnace.

What Is a Multi-Stage Furnace?

A multi-stage furnace makes adjustments to the way it runs, so that it doesn’t always operate at the same power level, the way that a conventional (single-stage) furnace does. A multi-stage furnace may first turn on and place its blower fan at the highest setting, but when there is sufficient heat in the home, the furnace will drop the fan down to a less powerful setting. Most of the time, a furnace will work at its lower setting.

Why This Is a Good Idea

Multi-stage furnaces have some of the highest energy-efficiency ratings available for gas furnaces. Their AFUE rating is usually higher than 94%, which can be as much as 15% more efficient than older single-stage furnaces. That adds up to plenty of savings over the years, which will offset the more expensive initial cost of the furnace.

But a multi-stage furnace offers more to your home than cutting down on energy expenditure. It will heat your home better. Because the blower adjusts to the needs of the home, rather than just being on or off, it creates a more even distribution of heated air throughout the rooms. You’ll experience fewer drafts with one of these furnaces at work in your house.

Multi-stage furnaces also operate at much quieter levels than single-stage models. And they’re ideal if you are looking to have zoning put into your house—a further way to reduce your energy use.

To find out more about having a multi-stage furnace installed in your house, contact our offices and speak to one of our friendly and knowledgeable customer service representatives. We’ll answer all your questions.

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